About VetCheck 24/7

Diverting your calls to VetCheck 24/7 means that your clients are always calling your practice.

We have found that on average 70% of calls can be dealt with immediately by our vet nurses reassuring pet owners until they can be seen at your clinic the next day.

10% of the time we find a Medechat tele-health consult with one of our team is appropriate (so your on-call vet can rest!). In these instances we charge the pet owner directly. If desired, these can be by your own vets (at whatever fee you’d like to charge your client).

20% of the time it is a genuine emergency where we take custom instruction from your clinic as to how best to get the pet seen.

If instructed to contact your on-call vet, it will always be the nurse calling, not the pet owner, along with the triage information gathered. Where your vets are stuck in surgery or out on call (calving etc) all our nurses will be aware so we can assist in resource management as well.

We can also charge call out fees on your behalf before your on-call vet attends. This could be all the time or just new clients or if instructed by the vet on call.

In all instances an email is sent through with a call log detailing who called, their contact details, reason for the call, recommendations and outcomes so you can follow up with your client the following day and continue with their pets care. With the vet consults there are full HEAP/SOAP notes available immediately after the consultation has ended.

Every month, you will be sent a summary so you can see how many calls the team have taken for you and what the results of the calls were.

How does it work?

Dr Moss Siddle

Founder of VetCheck 24/7

There is a crisis in the veterinary industry worldwide. There are record levels of disenchantment soon after graduation, rates of suicide 4x the level of the general population, stressful work environments, demanding pet owners, inflexible and long working hours plus low rates of comparative professional pay.

Dr Moss Siddle, and Australian Vet, has set out to deliver a reliable, functional and user-friendly platform for progressive veterinarians / specialists and customers (pet owners / GP veterinarians) to communicate and consult. Medechat may help to reduce a lot of the pressures encountered as a working vet and/or business owner.

Currently video consultation vets (overseas) are affiliated with insurance companies and are bypassing the regular vets of pet owners. A video consultation can never replace hands-on examination of an ill or injured pet, but Medechat will be useful for assessing remote patients unable to access a veterinarian in person and offers staff flexible hours or work from home.

It will also give pet owners convenient access to professional advice, drive clinic visits and prevent clients from seeking independent video consultation or advice from Dr Google!

Dr Moss Siddle started working in outback Australia as a cattle and horse vet in 1992. He then worked in the UK for 3 years in various large and small animal practices before establishing Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre in the beautiful eastern outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. With the advent of smartphones Dr Moss produced a free pet care app in 2012 called VetCheck which has over 10,000 installations. Medechat is how Dr Moss sees the future of veterinary medicine.

Dr Moss Siddle

Why join VetCheck 24/7?

Vet Board Compliant Icon

Available 24/7

We have a team of over 60 qualified and experienced vet nurses that work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Workload Management

VetCheck 24/7 & Medechat delivers the perfect practice workload management and after hours solution.

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Vet Retention

Your vets are only called in true emergencies. We can even take payment for after hours call-outs before they attend.

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A call log is sent for every call received with contact details, reason for the call, outcomes and recommendations so you can follow up with them.

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Your clients information isn’t shared with any third parties and our nurses will not recommend or sell products or services to your clients.

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Australian Owned

We are an Australian owned and run family business offering a personal service. All our support is based in Australia with veterinary knowledge.

What is the Medechat Telehealth Platform?

When you join VetCheck 24/7, you'll also get access to the Medechat Telehealth Platform for your practice. Medechat is the telehealth platform that has been developed just for veterinary practices to allow a seamless work environment for vets and vet nurses to consult from home or the practice. Medechat is vet board compliant and perfect for general advice, triage, post surgery check ups and dental and behavioural appointments.

Let your vets take Medechat appointments when it suits your practice or let your clients book a consult with a VetCheck 24/7 vet. Together, VetCheck 24/7 and Medechat make the perfect practice workload management and after hours solution.

Only interested in the Medechat Telehealth Platform?

You can sign up to use just the Medechat Platform which will be tailored to your practice branding without the VetCheck 24/7 after hours service. See the website for further details.

Pet Owner on Phone to VetCheck 24/7 vet nurses on call

Vetcheck 24/7 really helps us sleep better at night. We used to get a lot of calls to our emergency mobile at all hours of the night or weekend with people just wanting general advice about non urgent issues. Since taking on our after hours calls, Vetcheck 24/7 has filtered all of these things out by taking all the calls and providing that advice. The customers are happy because they get their answers and our vet can focus on the things she needs to. We now know if the emergency phone rings it is a genuine emergency.

Practice Owner

Regional VIC

VetCheck 24/7 Testimonial

VetCheck 24/7 has been exactly what we hoped it would be, fantastic! Vets are only taking truly urgent calls, allowing them to focus on the patients already in care with less interruption and to get more sleep! We have found VetCheck 24/7's vets and nurses to be caring, knowledgeable and professional in their interactions with our clients and our staff. We have also been impressed with their ability to accommodate our needs in sharing afterhours with another clinic. Thank you VetCheck 24/7!

Practice Manager

Regional VIC

VetCheck 24/7 Testimonial

VetCheck 24/7 is great! It takes the pressure off our own vets and makes it a lot easier to attract locum vets. It is extremely important for us to protect the mental health of our vets and VetCheck 24/7 is an active part of that.

Practice Manager

Regional NSW

VetCheck 24/7 Testimonial

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